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Art and Science of Financial Planning

The art of financial planning requires seasoned experience to understand how to design a financial plan around just what matters to you.  Each of us is different.  Your planning needs to reflect choices appropriate for you and your circumstances. 
The science of financial planning involves analysis, due diligence, and strategic thinking to assure solutions are technically sound.  This science requires technical expertise in tax, estate, investment, insurance, and retirement planning issues.  Putting all these pieces together and understanding how they affect our choices is integral to creative problem solving and making good financial decisions.

Our experience and expertise integrate the art and science of financial planning into our recommendations so you can be confident in the choices you make.  Confidence brings peace of mind.

Objective Independent Advice

Our advice is unbiased and offered on a fee-only (commission-free) basis, so you'll receive objective advice that's not linked to any brands or products.  See what it means for us to be a member of NAPFA, the National Association of Professional Financial Advisors at  We believe fee-only compensation and a fiduciary relationship are vital to placing the interests of the client above all others.  We are your advocate - Your best interests always come first.