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Financial Empowerment Acts as a Fiduciary:

              What is a Fiduciary?  A fiduciary puts the interests of the client first.



We Offer Two Primary Services:

Financial Planning focuses on designing strategies to help you get where you want to go in life.  The plan is tailored to your values and what matters to you.  We help identify your goals and objectives, and explore possible ways to get from where you are today to where you'd like to be.  The financial plan is the roadmap to your planning going forward.  A comprehensive plan integrates cashflow, risk management, tax and estate planning, retirement, and investment analysis.  Our specialty is transition planning, considering various "what if..." scenarios and possibilities.

Investment Management is one piece of your financial picture, and an important part in realizing your goals.  Our disciplined approach to investing, including a consistent investment process and extensive due diligence of investment choices, is key to your success.  Your individual Investment Policy Statement sets expectations to assure a consistent investment process.  We identify an appropriate asset allocation based on your risk tolerance, recommend specific investments in each asset class, rebalance regularly considering tax ramifications, monitor results, provide quarterly preformance reporting,  and make recommendations for change when opportunities arise or objectives are not met.

Summary of Services

Evaluate and Analyze

Retirement options, investment choices and portfolio design, portfolio distribution plans, tax planning opportunities, IRA distributions, benefit plans, insurance coverage, wills and trusts, charitable giving strategies.

Strategize and Design

Interactive what-if scenario planning, investment plans, retirement and income distribution plans, risk management plans, estate plans.

Implement & Monitor

Goal achievement, planning strategies, investment policy, investment performance, asset allocation, life changes affecting your financial plans.

Capitalize on Opportunities

Identify new opportunities that become available, minimize threats to your financial well-being, build life-long relationships, provide trust-worthy financial advice, establish confidence in sound decisions.