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Fulfilling Lives through Clarity and Confidence

Our mission is to help you live a fulfilling life by helping you get clarity about what really matters to you, and by designing financial strategies and solutions that are congruent with your unique values, aspirations, and objectives, so you can feel confident making wise financial decisions. 
There are often times we find ourselves asking a lot of questions, during times of transition and changes that constantly occur in our lives.  Whether you're going through a career change, preparing for financial independence, or considering the impact of new circumstances, you likely have questions about possibilities going forward.

We specialize at considering the possibilities and consequences of making different financial choices.  Most every financial decision impacts your tax, investment, estate, and risk management planning, but it's hard to put all those pieces together.  That's what comprehensive financial planning does - help to put all the pieces of a complex financial picture together to be congruent with what matters to you.
We are Fee-Only comprehensive financial planners, a member of NAPFA (, meeting the highest standards for professional competency.

Consider the Art and Science of Financial Planning, to make your possibilities a reality.  Then look at why Clarity matters.


Janet Stanzak, CFP and
Kristin Garrett, CFP
Financial Empowerment
Fee-only financial planners practicing in the
Minneapolis area, located in Burnsville, MN